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Below is general information about Traditional Chinese Medicinal practices that are offered by Zen Acupuncture and Chinese Healthcare and their fees.

Please note:

All consultation is free but there is a Registration fee of £5.00 (first visit only) if treatment is received.

Discounts are available for taking a course of treatments.

Acupuncture is covered by major health insurance policies.



Acupuncture is an important ancient system of healing as part of Chinese medicine. It involves the insertion of very fine, sterile, disposable needles into specific acupuncture points along energy channels just beneath the body surface.


By stimulating vital points, it clears blockages in the meridians and improves the flow of energy QI, and improves blood flow to restore the balance of Yin and Yang. According to the patient’s condition, the treatment might be combined with Moxibustion to strengthen the herbal effect.


There may be a very slight tingling sensation when the needles are inserted and then you will feel a pleasant relaxation.  If you do not like needles, you could try Acupressure, Reflexology or Cupping treatment.

£45.00 Per session



Chinese herbs are used by Chinese doctors to restore the body's natural balance. They are originated from plants and other natural substances, such as flowers, leaf stalks, seeds and roots. Compared with Western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine is vivid with life and very safe in general.


Doctors prescribe combinations of herbs tailor-made to treat only your conditions. So it is really individual care. Chinese herbal treatments may sometimes take a slightly longer time for improvements to be noticed, but it brings long-term benefit and for some problems the effect could be very dramatic.


The herbs are boiled and drunk as tea. They are also made in the form of tablets, pills or syrup. During the treatment the doctor will closely monitor the progress of your treatment through regular consultation, altering the prescriptions and reducing the doses accordingly.

£8.00 Per packet

ACUPRESSURE (Qigong Massage)


Acupressure is commonly called Qigong massage, which has the same principles as Acupuncture. It is based on affecting the energetic ( QI ) system by utilising fingers and palm pressure in a wide range of techniques, to stimulate QI mobilization to correct imbalances and achieve harmony in the body.


It is particularly effective in healing and dispelling conditions such as stress, muscle strain, sports injury, headaches, back and shoulder problems.

  £30.00 For 30 mins

  £60.00 For 60 mins



Cosmetic Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation is a serious alternative health and beauty treatment. It is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging. It involves the insertion of very thin disposable needles into the acupuncture points on the face.


This superficial insertion will increase the local circulation to the face and stimulate collagen production, which will fill out the lines and give firmness to the skin for a healthy, glowing complexion.


* Erase fine lines and reduce deeper lines             

* Reduction of sagginess

* Clearing or reduction of age spots                     

* Tightens the pores and brightens the eyes   

* Improve hormonal balance to reduced acne       

* Soften scars

* Lifting of droopy eyelids                                   

* Skin become more delicate and fair

* Even facial colour and tone                                 

* Increases blood, energy and lymph circulation

£45.00 Per session



Reflexology refers to foot massage and pressure applied to relax points on the bare feet or hands. It is a part of ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, which has more than 2,000 years of history in China.


Its medical principles are:


*  Improve Blood circulation.

*  Clears the blockage of energy channels of the body.

*  Enhance the balance of hormones.

*  Improves the function of internal organs and the harmony of the body.


Benefits include:  prompt relief from tiredness, deep relaxation, reduced stress, improved blood circulation and better sleep.

£30.00 For 30 mins

  £60.00 For 60 mins



Ear Candling is an un-intrusive way to clean out accumulated wax and white, flaky fungus from the ears. This practice existed in ancient Egypt,China, and Greece for centuries.


As the ear candling session progresses, extracted ear wax and fungus will be burned off, but a majority will be collected in the bottom part of the candle. When the remnant of candle is cut open, most people cannot believe what has been collected from their ear canals.

£25.00 Per session



A therapy in which small jars are placed on the skin surface to cause local congestion, through the removal of the air from the jar, it promotes the free flow of Qi and Blood in the channels. It is effective for diminishing swellings, pain, dispelling evil factors of scold and dampness in the channels of the body.

£20.00 Per session


Is a “warming”technique using the herb mugwort or ai ya in Chinese Medicine.  Mugwort has been used in many different cultures for its medicinal properties. Moxibustion helps to increase blood circulation, tonify energy and stimulate digestive system function as well as boost the immune system. Moxibustion comes in different forms including direct and indirect moxibustion.

£20.00 Per session


*  All age groups.

*  Fast service.

*  400 everyday items tested.

*  All vitamin and mineral deficiencies shown.

*  Medical notes sent with test report sheet.

*  Testing done from a sample of hair.

Graded tests of over 400 items including:

All Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies.

All additives used in food and drinks.

*  13 Sweeteners.

*  43 Vegetables.

*  16 Fats and dairy products.

*  28 Meats.

*  45 Fruits.

*  39 Fishes & shellfish.

*  10 Nuts.

*  13 Grains.

*  14 Pulses.

*  10 Beverages.

*  10 toxins.

*  35 herbs and spices.

*  30 miscellaneous items inc.

Feathers, house dust mite, animal hair, aerosols, air scents, grasses, nicotine, yeast, wines, beers, spirits, tap water, plants, flowers, cosmetics, shampoos, biological washing products, bleaches, cleaners, fluorescent lighting, power pylons, TV monitors.

We also test items you feel are causing problems if you ask on the help sheet eg. medications, work materials etc.